About Green Ivy Schools

Green Ivy Schools was founded by Dr. Jennifer Jones in New York City in 2012 to serve as a foundational network of schools representing best practices in education worldwide.

The first two schools in the Green Ivy family are Pine Street School (Nursery-8th Grade) and Battery Park Montessori (Nursery-Kindergarten). These are “sister schools” and serve as two campuses in the Green Ivy network.

Both schools offer internationally respected models of education (International Baccalaureate and Montessori), exceptional teachers, empassioned leaders, multilingual instruction and forward-thinking approaches. And both embody the warmth and sense of community that lets you know you are in a Green Ivy School.


Dr. Jennifer Jones is the founder and visionary behind New York City's Green Ivy Schools network and a lifelong entrepreneur and advocate for evolved learning experiences for children from birth to high school and beyond.

She has developed 24 schools and draws from a rich background as school developer, international policy consultant, and teacher. She has advised boards and governments at regional, state, national and international levels, served as a university professor and authored a successful book on child development.

Her career is defined by pioneering efforts to break through economic and social barriers to ensure that young people from every walk of life achieve maximum potential through engaged, relevant and cutting edge approaches to education.

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What gives our schools the quality you feel the moment you enter are the “pillars” of belief that support them. There are eight core beliefs on which everything centers at our schools. Here they are in depth:

experiential learning pine street school

Pillar 1: Experiential Learning An environment that is authentic, nurturing, warm, and ultimately transformative.

A child’s natural excitement for learning is a precious opportunity. All too often it can be stifled. Engaged, experiential learning is an active experience that motivates children through their own desire to learn, explore, and grow. We help children connect with their surroundings in new ways, so they discover what is meaningful to them in the moment and in the future. Experiential learning ignites the child’s natural desire to learn with an environment that is authentic, nurturing, warm and ultimately transformative.

nyc school parent involvement

Pillar 2: Community We encourage peer to peer interaction to enhance each child's unique learning path.

A child’s educational success in large part depends on families, educators, peers and relevant members of the community. Learning is accelerated when students can interact directly with the broader community to understand the relevance of what they are learning. Green Ivy draws families into the learning process since they are the child’s most immediate community.

pine street student collaboration

Pillar 3: Collaboration A feeling of connectedness, resulting in deeper, more memorable learning experiences.

Sharing new experiences and solving problems with others leads to a greater sense of connectedness – as well as deeper and more meaningful learning experiences. Through collaboration, students also learn to acknowledge, respect and advocate each others’ point of view, value one another’s contribution and recognize there is power in interdependency. Collaboration extends not only to students but also to educators, as they work across traditional subjects which have been artificially separated, to encourage learning across disciplines.

school stewardship

Pillar 4: Global Stewardship Teaching children to consider their impact on others.

There is a global connection in almost everything we do today. We promote an environment that teaches children to consider their impact on others, think globally and contribute to larger solutions. This awareness and respect for other cultures is enhanced by learning new languages, through which children learn how to listen and communicate with others in a meaningful way.

school legos

Pillar 5: Exploration Curiosity leads children to look for what lies beyond the predictable.

Children are natural explorers and instinctively take risks. Their curiosity leads them to look for what lies beyond the predictable.

Exploration involves risk and uncertainty, and we strive to create a learning environment where this exploration is encouraged and safe.

nyc montessori school

Pillar 6: Proven Models Green Ivy embraces best practice and enhances it with a unique delivery.

Several important learning models have been developed, refined and proven by educators around the world. Green Ivy embraces these models and enhances them with our own unique delivery. The Montessori Method and the International Baccalaureate represent world-recognized best practices in educational development.

nyc school field day

Pillar 7: Human Connection Deeper learning happens through tangible connections and real world experiences with others.

The human connection must be a key component of learning. Shared interests and experiences help children broaden their views and knowledge of the world. A deeper quality of learning, self-discovery and stewardship develops when there is a genuine, personal connection and real world understanding of the experiences of others.

nyc ib educators

Pillar 8: Inspired Educators Our teachers create an exploration-based, engaged learning experience.

Inspired, passionate educators are fundamental to our vision. They guide students throughout their daily activities with a clear focus on providing an engaged learning experience. Green Ivy is committed to only hiring those with a passion for helping others learn, whose beliefs and teaching styles fit into our educational philosophy.


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